The soul discovers its eternity

a poem by Rita Malhotra Dr

In continuous thoughts
The mind becomes an opaque screen
Imprisoned in the world of shapes, of forms
Else it’s engaged in the consciousness of
The unmanifested, the beyond
In walking with nature
My mind honours that rapturous realm
Absorbed to the brim
Leaving no space for its mental habit
Of labeling

A tranquil wave of freedom sweeps over me
Stillness echoes laughter of the winds
Silence screams ecstasy
To the grace of the mighty mountains

In a glorious burst of white
The sun-kissing peaks reflect expressive colours
The mind’s eye moves across
The compelling canvas
To suit its parameters of art and beauty

The walk with nature continues

In the immeasurable, infinite umbrella of blue
The upward gaze connects
With diverse philosophical strands

The silent core of the being
Discovers romance
In penning these lines and
Bows its head to the elements
Earth, water, air, fire and space
Symbols of birth, re-birth, life, death
Nostalgia and joy

The soul in its metaphorical journey of love
Discovers its own eternity.