The Clouds – III

a poem by Ramesh T A

All the beauty and the benefits man loses by his own acts of
Air pollution caused by the emission of smokes from factories.
Even the meagre rains come only as oil or acid rains due to smokes
From industries, vehicles, felling of trees and destruction of forests.

With the depletion of ozone layer appear holes in the atmosphere
Allowing ultraviolet rays of Sun to absorb clouds and cause diseases
Like skin cancer and eye diseases to men exposed to Sun light all day.
So, without the clouds we are nowhere on the earth as in other planets!

Under the Moon light so many things happen silently in the Sky,
Which a night watcher alone can understand and enjoy exclusively!
Only on the lovely Earth lively colours are in variety can be seen
And above that clouds of grey and white cover layers of region.

The mystery and mysticism of the clouds lay only in these areas
That evoke ever a sense of wonder since the beginning of the Earth;
This is beauty, this is truth and this is all time wonder of the world
Everyone has to ponder over to unearth the mystery of human life!

The white mares of clouds in defence march round the firmament
A large tract of fragments of clouds wherein the heaven remains
Against the danger of an invasion by aliens may occur sometime,
Which the torch light of the Moon exposes to everyone now and then.

Perhaps to produce illusion the dispersion of many colours appear in the sky
So that the location of the white glossy light of heaven can be obliterated
For the non-mystic men and to get even the vision of the pure paradise there!
It is fate men sleep all the nights just to forget the recollection of dreams!

The Gods are ever fortunate at the failures of Moon’s betrayal!
Only the mystics who wake while sleep and ponder while wander
Know the wonder by vision and reach the heaven by communion
With the Clouds, the Sky and the Universe that unite all in spirit!

The confluence of all colours finally contributes to pure white colour
Like the green vegetation of the valleys vanishing before the Snow Mountains
Or like the pyramid or cone’s progression leading up to tip top perfection point;
This only one in a million perhaps achieves that heavenly end finally!