Resplendent Nature

a poem by Inchara

Mother nature was resplendent,
In emerald hue and crystal dew
Grey sky embraced the moist land
Raindrops kissed the flowerbed

Misty blanket kept the mountains warm
Delicate breeze swayed the crops in charm
Plants danced to the rhythm of the wind
Birds sang sweet melody in bliss

Fresh bloom fragrance tickled the nostrils
Luxuriant valleys brightened the eyes
Chilled air shuddered the bodies
Lucid sea cheered the soul

The setting matched the canvas well
But nature’s gloom was not masked
Tears trickled behind the ideal image
Alas! Is this beauty eternal?

Colors of demolition ruined the picture
Ruthless hands razed the nature
Majestic trees were mowed to stump
Barren land haunts the remnant green