Rain! Rain!!

a poem by Gowdhaman M

Reign Supreme the Lord of Sky.
The Lord Jesus ordered
And controlled the waves of the Sea.
He orders rain.
The greens flourishes.
The wheat and flour never ceases
Until he orders the rain.

The little flower on earth,
The tiny stars of the sky.
He had knowledge of
Every tree and plants.
The father created son of God
In the image of man.

Everything creation of God
Even the deep ocean
Full of water.
Thus reveals the revelations
And Gospel.

The little bird so colourful.
He feeds the little bird.
God has known the man too.
The peacock with colourful feathers
Dances seeing the clouds
The sign of rain.

Rain! Rain come again
Like the sound of music
Spreading around the strings
Of veena or guitar.
Melody in the air.
Clouds in the sky.
The clouds rain for
The jungle, farm and the desert.
With light, water on earth
The green plants flourish with seeds.
With colourful flowers and fruits.

Like noble men
The sky too deserves to be praised
For the rain.

Water so important for life
On earth even termed nectar and ambrosia.
As every plant and tree
Grow and give food and fruit.
Praise the sky.
Praise the Lord.
Rain! Rain come again.
Rain to come in seasons.
God comes for the Judgment.

An umbrella to walk in the rainy day.
With the virtues for the judgment day.
May be few and rare the holy men
Hence it rains for every one.
May be holy the innocent
Should not be punished.
Praise the Lord. Praise the sky.
Rain! Rain come again.