For I am grateful

a poem by Pavithra Natarajan

As I journey through vast expanses of green,
And catch a glimpse of the azure blue sky
I count my blessings and thank forces unseen,
For I am grateful that I have the sense of sight
That has the ability to behold the wondrous joy,
That one gets from watching nature’s unrivaled beauty

For I am grateful that I can watch the contours of the land,
Blend into the hue of the sea
The deep richness of the browns contrasting with the tones of the blue,
For the land that lies before me is destiny’s own naked skin,
On which man has drawn figurines akin
Tapestries of love and hate; fear and worship,
And the joy and oneness of worshipping all that is real,
By laying bricks and stones of foundations surreal

For the sense of smell that inhales the fresh scent of the morning dew,
The pines and fir, cascades of water and rivulets of streams,
That flow between mountains locked in a tight embrace,
The dampness of the earth and the scent of my beloved

To smell man’s worship of nature as, mortar and tartar
Give way to open hills and dales,
Valleys nurturing pleasures sublime, unparalleled,
Like a sense of security when cradled against a mother’s bosom

For the ability to think, perceive and enjoy the richness of conjoined thoughts,
While marvelling at pieces of the lord’s jigsaw puzzle
Browns, greens, dark greens, blue give way to glimpses of what’s true,
What one takes for granted, another derives pleasure from

As I watch the dotted trees that line the fertile meadows,
Ensconced by the myriad reflections of the lake
Tears come to my eyes as I marvel at creation,
Untouched yet sculptured to suit man’s hedonistic urges

I know then that I am blessed,
For I am grateful for all that I can see, touch, feel, think and share,
In God’s own bountiful lair