Blue Hole

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Is a wonder, I must say, with full conviction,
It’s a large ‘marine cavern’ or a ‘sinkhole’;
That’s open wide with many a deviation
Who else except Nature has absolute control?

Blue holes are caves developed over time, it’s true,
As rocks erode and collapse, scientists say;
Huge icicles, molding sheets, and hard columns-crew,
Built marvelously like the ocean’s Milky Way…

Egyptian Blue holes are the highest danger, proved,
Owing depletion of breathable oxygen;
There are more Blue holes in Andros, crookedly graved,
Starting from ‘the saddle’ and leading to cavern…

Nature has made it miracle so marvelous,
What human beings do is, indeed, mockery;
We have experienced the Red-sea dive fearless,
When we overdo to Blue hole it’s treachery.

A virgin diver, indeed, needs to take full care,
Of the Blue hole’s hysteric tantrum-filled blue tomb;
And the sharks she hides abundantly Everywhere,
And the tunnels and subverted caves in her womb.

The blue hole is one of Nature’s works most wondrous,
Making it or marring it are on human’s court;
Let’s wow we’d care of Nature’s unique miracles,
And Her astounding deeds adore and venerate.