And Nature Still Rules…

a poem by Punit N Parikh

Well, some mysteries remain unsolved,
some questions remain unanswered,
some cries for help remain unheard,
some sorrows remain unshared,
I, raise such a question?
Can you answer me!

Even their last prayers remained unanswered,
within seconds everything was under water!
Houses came down like play cards,
everything once bright and alive,
was made equal to dust- DEAD!
Dust to Dust!, Humans to Ashes!
and nature still rules…

In those early drops of dew,
they cherished their dreams.
Like those colourful blossoms,
were their hearts full of love!
Mother, they worshiped you!
But, what did they get?
their hopes, their dreams, their souls,
carried away by an untimely death.

Time fades, issues become stale!!
and nature still rules…
‘Cause, people say, “nature takes her revenge!”.
So some may still believe in you,
some may still worship you.

But, with every flower that blooms,
will remind you of hearts you broke!
Every little dew drop,
will remind you of those painful tears,
your brutal atrocities on mankind.

Some things cannot be changed,
some disasters wreck your happy life,
some one else rules your destiny,
and nature always rules…,
even if it means to make you cry!
Well, can you answer me why?
Well can you…