A Place for Me

a poem by Madhavi S J

As my eyes wander over God’s creation,
the coming together of land, water and sky,
I stop and think- why can’t I be a part of it?
So far from it, yet so close to it,
so different, yet so similar to it,
I want to be part of it.
Break away from it all, yet stick to the rules
I want to follow it.
I may be confined, but my thoughts are not.
The land, air and water here
create an atmosphere of my own.
One I share with nothing and nobody.
Nothing except the music of clear water flowing, the birds singing,
the darkness of the night,
the spectacular morning,
when the sun emerges from the waterfall,
and its golden rays bathe my atmosphere
in a unique magic.
A magic I love.
I want to be part of it.
I will.
And I will be recognised.