Ayurveda: A Rare Gift

a poem by Hannah

God often gift his people some gifts
Some are common and some rare
God has given a rare wonderful gift to his people in India through his sages
It is a medicine and how it can be a gift, you may ask

Earlier we, people used to believe that illness occur when evil enter our body
So to get rid of evil, the illness, we need medicine
So it’s a gift, a rare one for Indians

Charaka, washed away all the statements that people used to believe
They plucked leaves, named, made a correct reason for it to be a medicine
You may think it was easy for them, no it wasn’t
Even today we know, countries are making vaccines
They test it on people and know its effects
Like though, ayurveda also needed that procedure, they did it.

When we are ailing with a single symptom
We are rushing to our big hospitals
With blood banks, radiology rooms and so all facilities
You are getting a bag of chemicals
And you are pouring it to your body
That kills you and then brings you the disease that’s very nice
But my babies can’t you go to ayurvedic doctor?

I’m not saying it can be helpful for all symptoms, but a few, he can
He won’t pull you to the verge of death
Even foreigners now are coming here to have this gift
Now too, we are not ready to accept, why?

Hating it is same of to hating God, as it is his gift
We, Indians need to accept it
Can’t we introduce some steps?
With education, we can add ayurveda
Give a period for ayurvedic knowledge
Then it’s sure, those students studying it
Will surely take their profession as ayurvedic doctors
And they will be the great practitioners of it too
Don’t hate it although you don’t like it
It’s a gift, a rare one