You Rust In(e)ternally

a poem by Karan

Shake the bucket, were there ripples?
My fault, the thought leaves me crippled
Her state, the incubus her dream,
The ice that melts, inside my brain I scream

A mirage, what I look for I’ll never find
Motionless, still in the mirror, all that’s left behind
The fiery epidemic she set, just another whore
Breathing lust, no satisfaction, always asks for more

I drown into your cryptic pool of eye
The labyrinth of your brain inside I know you cry
Deeper I travel into endless pain buried
A feather that the wind blew, shook up, hurt then hurried

Seeing what you hide, like the birds sense the rain
A warped image of my kind, a thought causing pain
Unrest, a whirlpool tossed into your head
A choice that leaves me helpless, would I be better off dead??