Without you

a poem by Minaz Shakeel Juwale

You have stolen my heart away, with such profound love,
That living without you, seems a curse,
Your messages everyday, bring smiles to my face,
But your emptiness has made life go by its own pace.
I can’t smile nor live without you,
Tell me darling what do I do,
My nights are sleepless without you in my arms,
Dreams of love have gone by far
Tell me dear how do I sleep with empty arms,
I can’t, can’t live life without you sweetheart.
My nights are empty,
My smiles are without charm,
You have taken everything with you, without any harm.
Come back and let me live, live within you in your blissful arms,
Tell me; tell me dear how do I survive.
Tell me dear; teach me how do I live, live without you.
Please, please, please comes back
For living without you is indeed a curse.