Will you please tell me why?

a poem by Soumava Bhattacharyya

Just like a candle spreads light,
in a room full of darkness.
Enlightening everyone and getting brighter,
as time slowly passes by.
You did the same to my life,
bringing me out of an ocean of darkness.
And now, when I just couldn’t live without you,
you blew away, will you please tell me why?

Just like the rising sun,
sees all the flowers blossom all around.
You came into my life like a hopeful ray,
gifting me a more beautiful new life.
I was so very happy to have you by my side,
basking in the warmth of your love and affection.
Even the setting sun promises us a tomorrow,
but you went away never to come back,
will you please tell me why?

You were just like a bottle of wine,
tempting me to go for you.
Once started, I just could not stop,
I just wanted more of you.
Your love intoxicated me to such an extent,
that without you, I could not laugh, I could not cry.
And just like the wine disappears in a drunkard’s hands,
you did the same from my life, will you please tell me why?