Song of Songs II

a poem by Anand Bose

My Darling…
My lips are warm, intimate
And long to soak your lips
And get drunk on the wine
Of your intensity…
My arms open wide
Like a eager gate to
Hug you and caress
You and remain clung
For a passionate melting
Of time…
Yes my lover I long
To drink in your lyrical
Yes I would like to
Yield myself to you
As tenderly as I write
A poem, as softly
As a stream that
Trickles along
The mountain slopes…
Yes my darling,
I would love to feel
The mounts of your
Rich passionate fruit…
Taste them like nectar
With passionate hunger…
Yes I long for your sweet lilies
That have awakened meadows…
How I long to graze on their
Pastures loving and hearing
You sound the music of ecstasy…