How much I love you

a poem by Pushpendra Chouhan

I don’t know what I will say, but this is true that I LOVE YOU.
And Now I know, I’m Just Special One for you.

And I don’t know how and why, I really madly love you.
Really Its hard to tolerate for me, My love for you.
Even in my dreamz, I never do this.
My feelings are still same for you, as before.

I don’t know, I have rights or not,
But I love you and I will love you, I never live now apart.

I don’t know you noticed or not, the harshness of my voice,
When I heard about my immigration, My Lifes worst Surprise.
The first thought in mind came, That I’m going away to you,
And now I think, How can I live without you.
I got all this feelings, first time in my life,
And I never want it again, for anyone such like.
I just wanna tell you at the last.
That you are my everything, I don’t wanna be apart.
I just wanna love you and love you, And I don’t wanna anything.
I wanna always LOVE You, Please just give me this only thing.
You are my angel and this is my request to you.
Co’z now I know that neither I love anyone else nor I live without you.