Everything comes to an end

a poem by Ayush Verma

Everything comes to an end
I read the line scribbled on a black and white wall
The words seemed as bleak as the day itself
The meaning was a child’s play
Yet it was too much for me to comprehend

Everything comes to an end
I kept contemplating all through the day
Feeling a coldness between each letter
Sensing a deepness within me
As the words kept echoing in my head

Yet there was a hint of closure
A speck of relief in the sentence
Everything comes to an end
The book I’m reading right now will come to a conclusion
The movie I’m watching will turn blank after the credits
And the day will end

But the night will begin
The black blanket will be covered with dazzling stars
The glimmer of the moon will illuminate the whole sky
The whole wide world till the horizon will be filled with calmness and solitude
And in that solitude
Beyond the horizon
There is a place
Where I’ll be there waiting for your alluring silhouette
Yearning upon the stars and the imperfect moon
To see you again
Everything comes to an end