An Intimate Feeling

a poem by Shaurya Chauhan

As easy as it is to feel it’s presence,
Harder is finding words expressing it.

I love you,
Dense feelings,
Simple words!
How would you know? The true feelings!
Words ain’t enough,
You definitely need to seek into my heart.
Well, that you can’t!
What if I say, “you can”.
Ever looked into my eyes?
Gateway to the treasury.
Now, why would I refer it, heart, as treasury?
Of course it is;
The place I carry you!
I carry you, in my heart,
And you are no less than a treasure to me.
And the memories.
All the good ones and the bad.
The good ones,
Taught me how passionate love can be.
It’s extent is never ending,
It grows, always!
And the bad ones,
They helped me realise, how much I’m into it,
Into love.
And how valuable and precious you are to me!

Memories of us,
My way of carrying you with me,
With me, in my heart.
Feels like,
You are close!