The Play of Fate – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

Wars leading to Arms race threaten peace and progress;
Terrorism triggers war between nations of the world;
Civilisation helps hypocrites, frauds making culture a farce!

Undesirable reality comes to be true very often everywhere
As fate plays on the desires of men so well in the world that
Dreams of One Human World seem very dear to materialise!

Crises of the world remain grim due to no compromise over
The issues of class, creed, colour, race, religion and politics
And fate plays pretty well on the many differences of men!

For the individuals expected things never happen in time;
But unexpected things happen time and again against all
Testing much the individual’s heart, mind and soul in life!

The play of fate everyone surely has to face as a challenge in life
However great one’s intelligence, wealth and strength may be;
Lest failure or victory can’t be balanced to defuse heart burst!

The power of man may be good or bad towards world or Nature;
But fate keeps him in tension till it fails or wins him in life
Depending upon the nature of man in the affairs of the world.

Yes! The play of fate cannot be stopped ever in the world.
So, it is fate that one has to live according to one’s nature;
Lest one has to suffer untold miseries in the world non-stop!