a poem by Komil

BEAUTY… beauty in one form, beauty in all forms
Some on earth, some in heaven, some in animals, some in nature
BEAUTY… beauty in one form, beauty in all forms

Cold winter night and the rain pouring down heavily… sleepless night, endless night
What is it that wakes one for so long
REALISATION… realisation of beauty in one’s heart
Enclosed room, warmth of a bed, cozy quilt
And one still wakes
Cold, sleepless, endless night

Here inside a room with four walls around, no one to be with
All alone… where loneliness haunts
It haunts when it feels the rain pouring outside
It haunts when the music fills an ear and carries its wave to the heart
Sitting here I realise, how can one be alone with so much around
SILENCE… sleepless silence… endless silence…
It brings in so much, Oh! If only one could understand its nature
For it binds in itself all the waves that destroy a pure heart,
That brings pain to the very meaning of life… how could one define this nature of silence

Clouds… heavy as they are… clouds of pain, of mystery, of pain, of confusion
Those which carry the weight of tears, sleepless tears, endless tears…
Cold night… cold winter night and the rain pouring down… sleepless rains… endless rains…
Beautiful as they are, as they wash away the dust which has covered the leaves for ages

These rains… these screams… this music
This voice of pain pours out in a cold winter night
It pours to clear away the dust, to bring something new… to bring something different
I lie here in silence… silence which precedes these rains…
Silence that carries so much… silence that haunts

Beautiful as the heart is, pure as the heart is
Human existence is as beautiful as this
Calm, unknown… but true… it binds itself in relations
One soul, one heart is bound by many souls
Those who give birth to the soul being the very first…
Other souls which have evolved through the same, become the next
Beauty in the heart, in the soul, being loved by so many others
Tender it is… warm it is… It brings in the beauty of life…
It blossoms within the existence of other lovable souls
It develops and slowly evolves its own world
There are many that it meets during its passage of life,
Many that it leaves behind
Many that permanently leave their impression in one’s mind

What binds anyone together?
It is something that has brought about the very existence of the soul
Something that nurtures it at every step
Something that brings about the very meaning of beauty
It is the silence, the music, the passion, the fervour, the warmth,
The suffering, the pain, the image, the sculpture, the art, the flourishing
And increasing nature of LOVE…
Love that deepens as the soul grows, love that bonds them together
Wherever this beauty of love slowly looses its impact, its impression, its image
And goes into a deep dark hollow… hollow which haunts
It is there that the very existence of silence begins…
Haunted silence… Sleepless silence… Endless silence
Silence which gives birth to its own life… which makes man soulless, heartless
Like a mountain built by ages of enclosed mud
Rain pours on it… hard, she slaps his face, drenches him in her tears… pours out her pain
But the mountain stands there… still, unmoved, unaffected… it would not break
But no… it would break… one day it would break…
It would break and turn into mud that would flow along with the river
And touch the feet of shores of many countries
It would then surrender itself completely to the power of love

A soul which fights and struggles to survive amongst many souls… it wins, but looses itself
Looses its very existence… but that’s how it goes
Nature of the soul, nature of the silence… sleepless silence… endless silence…

Rhythm of nature and music in it
The smell of earth when it receives the first drop of rain
The bright green colour of leaves when they take their bath in the beautiful rain
How much each drop contribute to make world beautiful
To evolve new forms of beauty
Rhythm that each drop makes evolves into a new note of music
So much the rain gives which the earth receives with gratitude
But the earth doesn’t give anything in return except
For a few more clouds which would come back to her
It is so the nature of life
One soul has to suffer to bring something new to the world
It has to burn, evaporate, cry, scream, burst, die
To bring something new and something fresh… but this goes on…

It is the story of every soul
Every soul that exists
Would meet the same end
And it would contribute
But contribute to what
To silence… haunted, sleepless, endless silence
For when each soul suffers in pain
The world would be left of nothing but SILENCE…

BEAUTY, which surrounds the stillness of this night
Makes me all the more excited to discover
That what surrounds me and brings pain and silence
Is this warm and tender ‘blanket of love’