a poem by Jatina Thakkar

Admits the busy life of mine,
When every thing was fine,
An occurrence happened to me,
I’ll tell about which in gee.
A name got added to my life,
Effect it had like that of a knife.
The name that I am talking about,
Presence of it, in my life counts.
The purpose is quite very obvious,
I guess, to know you are very curious.
Curious, you ought to be,
For, a friend you are to me.
My friend and my companion,
‘Three cheers’ to our union.
You give notice to my presence,
Every act of mine, you do sense.
Advise you give me, in conditions very dual.
Nice you be to me, in suit ions very crucial.
Adoration you shower on me, for a smart out-fit,
Appreciation, you cover me with, for an act of true fit.
Blessed I am by your wisdom,
Confessed, at times of an act so dumb.
Important always you make me feel,
Knowledge of which is a way, my heart to heal.
When sad am I, your heart do cry,
You strive, for my sadness to fly.
A smile on my face you long to see.
You try hard to give it to me.
And my face when lightens up with a smile,
Your happiness races up a mile.
A position I hold in your heart shows your deeds,
An impression of which, on my heart, feels.
Obliged I am by your care and affection.
Fetched from your heart of fair distribution.
A subtle magic, you have made on me.
Which makes little, my world, for me to see.
My day begins, my day ends,
With a mind, full of your thoughts send.
A day without, your sweet face before my eyes,
Craves, my heart for a glance and it cries.
And by now I am sure,
You must have guessed it, for
The sole these line pinpoints to,
Stupid fool, it is certainly you.