Lift the Falling Comet

a poem by Karan

The flowers change to thorns injure a bud of their own,
Living an incubus, nightmare in which she’s grown
Happiness a fantasy, freedom a dream
Wicked nourishing eyes, a cold gleam
Conquering, choking all that’s left.
She surrenders to the feeling of emptiness
Escape, not a dream, an act of cowardice
Virgin lips, did they ever really smile?
All that I’ve seen is chocolate on stone
It builds up, once a maiden, has the beast grown?

Childish innocence, celestial maiden heaven’s Joconde
Silk that flows like water, a hidden galaxy ebony’s envy
And sculpted to perfection a body that spells beauty
To have a little and yet everything, luck couldn’t shine brighter
For most so sane, so silent, all he designed was charming
Don’t his angels have all that shines all that makes it lighter
Crawl into her nightmare, creep into her brain
Break into the prison draw the picture that you drew
Rid you of chains that choke and thorns that sting
Could I steal it all from you?