Happy Memories

a poem by Teesha Guliana

There’s a certain spark,
In the moment unfolding itself,
Right before our eyesight.

It’s all about,
The beautiful flowers blooming,
A life coming alive,
The fire crackling,
Spreading its warmth,
And chocolates blasting all around.

The field full of tulips,
Rejoices in happiness,
It celebrates,
And twists and turns all around.

The air is thick,
With the full moon joy,
And all of the universe,
Seems to be in favour of.

It favours the winds,
And the rivers flowing by.
It favours the sun,
Beaming with pride.

All eyes shine in glory,
And smile with faces,
Which are oh, so jolly.
The warmth spreads
Through the nerves,
Of every body.

The feelings of temptation,
Are unfathomed.
The feelings of brightness,
Have widened their horizon.

Take a look right here,
Believe in the moment right now.
You are here today,
Not dependable on tomorrow.

You’ve been through sorrows,
You’ve been through dark burrows,
You’ve reached the opening,
And will enter one more tomorrow.

So soak in today,
What all you have,
Be it good or bad,
And dark or light.

Let it be yours,
Let it be others’,
Just dive right in,
Amidst all the fright.

Be ready with a hope,
Of everything being,
All right but right,
Under your time.