A Time Comes

a poem by Aashiq M

A time comes when your life changes totally,
When you think back over some of the crazy things you did in your early teens,
When you see yourself blooming becoming the person you really are inside,
A bit like ones parents to be more precise,
A thought that might have brought horrors for us had it come earlier,
But along with this comes responsibility,
And of course parting from one’s parents, friends and loved ones,
Which sadly is necessary sometimes to pursue our ambitions.

A time comes when we find ourselves losing touch with our childhood,
Trying very hard to keep that bit of a child in us surviving,
Some succeed and become lively personalities,
Some others fail losing that essential element of innocence,
Still some others rise above and observe everything,
Then try to turn to the good side,
There are still others who h’ve actually never truly been at heart a child,
For whom the feeling is really alien in them.
A time comes when we find ourselves madly in love with possibly our soul mate,
Not one like our childhood crushes,
One that’s lasting and strong,
Something that can truly be called an everlasting affectionate bond.

A time comes when we find ourselves in a crisis which we believe hits us for the first time though
its similar to what we called a mid-teen or 15-17 crisis,
When we are filled with tension and responsibility,
And cannot quite comprehend the meaning of the phase,
Praying silent prayers hoping that all this comes to a good quick end.

A time comes when we have the urge to find a successor for us,
Be it out own son or daughter or someone in that place of our heart,
When we know it’s our time to step down from our prime spot to pave for the next generation,
So that the first cycle maybe carried on by someone else,
For when we have played our part successfully,
We’d like to see how others do just to that role,
And whether it can be further beautified.

There comes a time when we sit and look back at our past actions or deeds in life,
A time comes to remember and be proud of or achievements and successes,
A time to be shameful for our misdeeds and injustices to ourselves and others and beg forgiveness,
A time to enjoy the hard-earned fruits of our labour.

Finally comes a time when we part from this world,
This is the tie that one should be ready for all his life,
When he is separated from kith and kin, from his pleasures,
Most of all from his body and the world,
A time to move on,
To carry on a dream/nightmare voyage to the afterworld,
And if we were good on our brief stay on earth,

To live on in the hearts and minds of those whom we shall leave behind