a poem by Aanavi Malik

When winter arrived, you welcomed it
Smiling every time you tugged your sweater tighter
You told everyone you liked winters best
The cold enveloped you, in its cool clean embrace
Purgatory moments of contentment
Toes felt numb
Lips chapped till they bled into your tongue
Nose changed to scarlet
On evenings when you clasped
A cup of vaporizing ambrosia in your hands
You wanted something else
Something more

And Sometimes the star would come out
You would try to find refuge in sunshine
But what can be done
When the warmth that reaches the skin
Doesn’t reach the heart
All the walls of wool that cover you don’t do much
You said you liked winter
Yet you don’t enjoy it

You like it from afar
When it touches your epidermal packaging
It hurts
So, you pray for winter to go away
You break winter’s heart
You tell winter you’re sorry
And you wait for spring