You, my friend…

a poem by Ramana Thati

First I saw him many years back,
I felt he wanted to talk.
His deep brown eyes gazing at me,
With brightening sunny smile.
I took a step forward but couldn’t go ahead,
I didn’t knew what to call him — a perfect stranger then!

Time kept passing by, days turned years,
We saw each other on and on
But everything was still the same
I didn’t know what to call him — a good old stranger then!

Seasons kept changing, the summers passed by,
We made a perfect move then,
His smile changed into Hi and Bye,
One fine day he called me as his Friend
I still didn’t know what to call him – was he really a friend?

Life kept changing colors,
He filled my life with laughter and joy,
I went through ups and downs of life
But I found him always besides me.
If all my friends were flowers, then I would pick him first
As I know he was no more a stranger,
I know what to call him now – one of my best friends!!