Salaam O Little Angel

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Two orphan girl-angels ill-affected,
Got admitted in a Corona-Ward;
Joy and Jay, like no one’s pets, dejected,
Surrendered, like old nuns, wholly to God…

Their pains to minimize the doctors tried,
Though each doctor had thousands to attend;
Like fish without water Joy and Jay throbbed,
Like mariners, each flaw, doctors did mend…

It’s at night Joy saw Jay growing breathless,
No oxygen left; like a corpse, she lay;
She cried; none around to assist; helpless,
Dared to fix her own oxygen on Jay…

When the crew had found Joy alive no more,
And her Oxygen mask on Jay well fixed;
They wept, as though they’d lost a warrior,
And ensured that in Jay, Joy ever lived.

(A tribute to patients reaching out to those with the same fate.)