a poem by Karthik (USA)

Songs of silence whisper their vehement agonies to me,
Artificial lights converse profusely about false vows to me,
October winds from north convey their poignant chill to me,
For their commiseration enlivens my friendless state.

Coloured leaves of the overlooking Elm share their gossips,
Monotonous nights divorced from love disclose their groan,
Mateless moth yearning for life whines for it’s imminent death,
For their condolence emphasizes my friendless state.

Sound of the approaching train refurbishes hopes of lost acquaintance,
Sight of the oncoming cloud triggers memories of the romantic monsoon,
The lullabies of Beethoven symphonies resonates in mind’s vacant attic,
For their sympathies empathizes my friendless state.