For my dear Manoj and Babitha

a poem by Ajith

I wake up everyday
To see your windows closed
No chyme to sing
No loud songs to relish

I look at that door
Every morning I leave
I know you aren’t there
But I betray myself

Your forgotten cd
In my shelf
The gift you gave
On my table

I look at them
As it were you
Hold them close to me
Just to feel you around

The cassettes with your name
Still play in my deck
The same old songs
I always loved to hear

I walk by the sea
Thinking about us
The good times we spent
In this cheerless place

The whisky I got
Invites me
But you aren’t there
So, its water to me

At times when lonely
I think about you
It reminds me our richness
In dialogues we shared

Feelings grow somehow
Anytime I see your snap
Days are longer now
Busy however they are

Another night awaits me
Let me look at that window
I know you aren’t there
Wondering why I miss you so much!