Poems on
Fine Arts

The intent and its entirety!

a poem by Shivpoetesspriya

A shared intention with its comprising fair features!

My repertoire of various contemporized works,
dramatic ballads, songs, and
written descriptions were savories for the moment.

Those were scarcely sweet?
They love the heartily and careful choice of their selectiveness of each other!
In them, a thinker is deeply involved
and touched by their profound regard for each other’s appearances and soliloquies
to reach the hearts of amasses.
This thinker who is solemnly and raptured loves their artistic viewpoints!
Thus, creating the perfect seasoning of its flavor
and aromatic capabilities for the given taste!

After regaling myself with the art quality, recollective mind, gifted drama,
and the stirring piece of musical rendition,
I entered into the zone of lyrics
while conveying the pensive tale of my heart
and by acknowledging the favor
for letting me recreate the negotiating and decorative art
from the figments of its creative activity!

My reflecting process was,
as usual, sincerely penetrating for your consideration.
And the depth of my inner voice
carried a few tender emotions and some unanswered questions!