Poems on
Fine Arts

The World of Art – III

a poem by Ramesh T A

Gone are the days for the expressions of divinity in all forms of art;
What counts much today is humanism in the best forms of art;
Now what captures the mind is the lowest level of animal passion in art;
And what appeals most today is the provocation of passion towards sex!

Pitiably so low the world of art has gone down nowadays that music,
Dance and drama are simply superseded by TV, Cinema and pop music;
Men passionately howl and demonically dance in the hysteric carnivals;
And pass the time in the night revelries of art nakedly in dim lights.

People look below in the animal level but not above in the divine level
And so, they are easily carried away by the fast flowing flood of art.
Once the flood stops, they are hopelessly stranded in some alien field
And so, the best thing they should have attempted could be human grandeur.

High or low for all human beings the best things free in this world are
Love, sympathy, sweetness, goodness, kindness, truth, joy and peace;
Communication of these things enrich human value in the vital act of art
And for the betterment of the world human grandeur is enough to highlight.

All the artists are the very important persons in the world of art so to say
But the real artists live like the great creator invisible in their creations.
Confluence of love and truth is the culmination of their creations in art;
Such masters are very, very rare indeed in the present day world of art!

Noble artists know how to escape to the world of art at their will;
They should not be satisfied with their own art for art’s sake policy;
They should also show us how to reach their world whenever needed
So that the sufferings of the society can be softened now and then.