Spice and Candy

a poem by Pavalamani Pragasam

Three sisters there are
With grown up children seven-
Three sons and four daughters in all,
Living in different cities and countries.
Closely linked they are
Through a common network-
An egroup on the internet
Exchanging juicy news and spicy tales
Day in and day out,
A happy lot indeed!

Though cousins in reality,
Like own brothers and sisters
These youngsters react and behave.
Kind remembrances sail back and forth
In e-cards carrying witty, naughty messages-
All greetings from the heart.
Useful information and latest developments
Are promptly forwarded and duly discussed.
Fields of interests are nurtured, notes compared-
A healthy family activity on the net.

Now an occasion has come
For congratulation and celebration-
The wedding bells are ringing
For the fourth time in the sisters’ families:
A son is getting married.

Only three sisters of the groom could attend
The betrothal ceremony
Since the others were far away.
The three sisters present,
One married, two unmarried
Loved fun and enjoyed to bind in
The new-found member, the bride.
They unwrapped a chocolate
And thrust it into the groom’s hand.
Cheered by the loving sisters,
The brother took the chocolate
To his would-be’s mouth
Which was but waiting for the treat.
Ah! The clever girl!
She didn’t take in the whole chocolate
As is the wont of most brides.
She, instead, with style and design
Nibbled a bit from the chocolate.

In the hasty formal proceedings
That followed, the chocolate was forgotten.
Not forgotten fully, though!
Next day an e-card flew from
One sister to the groom brother:
“What happened to the half chocolate, brother?”
Another unmarried brother away in America
Was bitten by the curiosity bug.
“What’s this half chocolate matter?
Will someone enlighten me quickly?”
Was his hasty query.
A newly-wed sister, also in America
And unable to be at the function venue
Teased him,”Come on, brother, don’t pretend”.
The mothers in the meantime conferred and chuckled:
“Of course, he must have eaten it”.
The groom enjoying tremendously the net buzz
Parried the emails with matching mischief:
He calmed the bachelor brother’s excitement,
Baffled the teasing sister saying her guess was wrong,
Riddled one and all declaring the half chocolate is safe.

Prank is a spice to be relished,
Joy is a candy to be shared,
Love is a perfume to sprayed,
Youth is a period to be cherished.
The net aids and abets
Fun and enjoyment
Among attached persons
At such jubilation times
Teeming with great experiences
Of love and youthful pleasure-
Seize them with frenzy,
Store them in your memory.