Year 2020

a poem by Yerra Praneeth

It all started beautifully
Cheerfully welcomed the year with lots of fun
Wishing each other, greeting each other
It was midnight 11.59 pm waiting for the clock to hit 12.00 AM
Hands on the mobile, fingers typing the messages
Wishing each other, greeting each other, happy new year-2020

But it all happened in a few months
We have sat at home, slept at home
Started working from home, simply living at home
We never thought of being locked in our houses
Few are blocked in their places
We never thought we would be worrying so much of being out gathering out
I have never thought of this kind of an year 2020
Children catching tab instead of bag
Parents behind the tab instead of lunch bag

I never thought of an year 2020
We have changed our life style, living style
We are still in a confusion to continue with our daily life
Year 2020