Violence against women

a poem by Ramaswamy L N Prof.

Verily woman builds herself in a man’s sweet heart
Inevitably made but to be the happiness of one
Ostensibly not, breathing gentleness and care, not as dart
Lasting the harsh progress of mankind for generations done
Echoing and contaging like a plague,
Crime entrenched
Not static but recoiling with horror as violence against women
Certainly ceasing the growth of virtue, human value besieged
Eve teasing, rape, rapidly committed with sexual assault by men
Aggressive circumventing the womenfolk irrespective of age
Gnawing the self respect of human force putting their head down
Aflaming them with fire, molesting not only physically but also the image
Igniting ablaze to end up as a dust and not to further frown
Nefariously committing female infanticide to begin with
Seemingly continued with physical torture and assault
Trespassing them into the world of flesh trade too sans indict
Women at times join the crime with men to satiate their personal vault
Oh! What are these called but an act of violence against women
May the mankind join hands to prevent this crime and care the victim
Edicting with IPCVC sacrificing themselves for the cause AMEN
Never to suffer again and again but to live quiet with self-esteem.