Kingdom and Traitors

a poem by Shivang Sharma

A kingdom of treasure,
Threatened by traitors
The traitors, who have no faith
The traitors who love to hate
The traitors who sell the spool
Of humanity, to the fool

The ones you believed in will keep you safe
The ones who’ll be your ears, if you go deaf
They’ll be the ones who’ll make you see
The world of peace, for thee
And when your garden won’t flourish,
They’ll be your gardener… You wish

Hoping that the land will receive springs,
The buds will bloom, sparrows get wings
Welkin will cry, felicitous
Crafting the blossoms from the fetus
Imagining you’ll be, desiring to harvest
The progenies, at their best

But what if your blessings go rust
Your blossoms palm off with dust
The ones you believed in
Turn nothing more than a din

For you, that feeling was obsess
And every effort for them was so less
Thou worked for them like a servant
But de facto, they were the serpent
With serpentine heart and brain
They threw your emotions down the drain

Thy mind’s eye was covered with a cloth,
Of service and respect, both
And you could never remove the bars
That caused you to fall in the mirage

But it wasn’t your mistake,
They were the ones, who were fake
They broke your in-frangible trust
For their bush-league lust
Their nasty deeds reached heights
Indulged trust and lust into fights

Helpless, hopeless, heal-less, thou were
But flames in eyes com-mixed with tear
Oh my lord, we are cheated
But the sound remained seated
Under the boots of the traitors,
Crushed to silence, oftentimes

Blessings got hexed, by the witch of falsity,
Trusts back stabbed, by the slayer of verity
But one fine day, the anger found a path,
The dark roads lightened by the wrath
United by the divine, led by the angel
The arms of humans, raised against the devil

Devil, hands-down, laughed against the roar
Angel, with the host, strengthened it more
Left devil self-doubting, devitalized
And the traitors went surprised
The ones whom they thought weak,
Foolish, disunited and meek

Broke the gates, burnt the farms with hustle
Slew the army, demolished the castle
Traitors got frightened, how to escape
Searched the path backdoor for their sake
Flames all around, armors flying
Vultures feeding, women crying

Angel with the chakra, appeared before each traitor
Slicing each head, spawning clatter
Host joyed, tears separating from eye
Contentment floating in the sky…