It hurts! It hurts!

a poem by Shilpa Tiwari

My world has been trampled upon
so ruthless…
so careless
soul defiled
conscience profaned
marks still show…
against the pristine beauty
of the immaculate snow.

Bleeding wounds
bruises fresh
blare like a trumpet
of a victory…
so unjust.

Indignity of offense
insignificance of existence
brutality oblivious
to a defeat…
so ignominious.

It Hurts! It Hurts!

Innocence innate
values inveterate
so much is lost…
never to be regained.

A face scarred
identity lost
nothing remains…
the looks so cruelly marred.

Time an evil ogre
scoops deftly
another victim falls prey
just as my heart bleeds
my head consoles…

It Hurts! It Hurts!