Hymn of a little heart!

a poem by Sathya N K

Once being gratis, doings things as desired
Soaring all directions, gulping anything at choice
Life was beautiful at bliss

Now confined to this wooden tavern
With hardly space to flutter and restricted to selective eating
Life has become torment

Seldom human’s realize, our little hearts do carry emotions
We do have a family and right to live with liberty
After all we too’re the residents of earth’s colony

Among the humans, only the bad are put in prison
What harm have we done?
Is this the punishment for being beautiful?

How many more ages will you all derive this sadistic pleasure?
Of caging us in and looking at us as we suffer
Imagine yourself for a while; you will not stand this for just an hour.

In the name of beauty and hobby, do not throw us in to this strangle
Allow us to be what we are and lead our lives with Mother Nature
We shall sing all tunes, for you and for the entire world.