A blind mans wish

a poem by Ranadeer P

I walk alone,
on the road to nowhere.
Shades of black,
is all I see.
As the creator,
deprived me of my sight.
I can see no nature,
yet I can feel them.
The smooth cool breeze,
swaying across me.
The rattling dry leaves,
rub over me as they pass by.
If I ever got a boon,
to see any one thing,
which I most longed for.
What would I wish for?
Will it be the flower,
which gives away all its fragrance.
Will it be the moon,
which is gorgeously described in poems.
Will it be the leaves,
which twirl down as it departs the tree.
Will it be the streams,
which quenches many a thirst.
Yet I would wish,
to see a mother,
feeding her child.
For I would see everything in her.
The flower I would see in her hair.
The moon I would see in her face.
The leaves I would see in her eyes.
And I would see her quenching her child’s thirst.