Oh, I see, USC

a poem by Sidharth Kumar

Endless threads in my mind
Sneaking groups for that one find
Every inch the time grew
Bit tensed byte excited I knew
Multiprocesses sprang since wrote GRE
Inevitable and bearing, don’t you agree
Oh ho, now Gateways welcome you to uncle sam’s land
May be more in future with a Green Card in hand
Got to leave my testing behind
For someone in the row of mankind
Congrats, am turning student again
But why regret, am not heading to Spain
A new day had to begin
With a bright sunshine to set in
When weighed my body with my chances
Finally decided where my career advances
Hmmm, for some, a university in Hollywood, California
And for me, a dream that awakens insomnia
To leave India and bid farewell
Well, all is well that begins and ends with well
Said neighbour Sarla Aunty “Oh I see”
That’s why you heading for USC!

USC – University of Southern California