Dreams, Ideas and Realities – I

a poem by Ramesh T A

Today’s ideas help to translate yesterday’s dreams into tomorrow’s realities!
So, dream, dream and dream intellectually, intuitionally and interestingly!
Dreams are common for all whatever be one’s status in the world’s life;
But without a dream there cannot be a person to quote from world’s history!

Dreams, visions inspire new ideas to feel, think and do remarkable things!
Intellectual knowledge gives visions of prophetic ideas to have ambition
That drives to do all works to convert dreams into achievements in life!
So it’s fine knowledge, vision, ambition and achievement forming life’s base!

Nothing can be achieved with the microscopic view of one’s desire
But many things can be achieved with the telescopic view of things!
Things to be done are undone due to the enlargement of vainful dreams;
Also precious things remain undone due to undiscovered dreams too!

Till the pot light becomes the lighthouse light world cannot know it!
Like the town in the trough that cannot enjoy the sea breeze of the crest
The hidden treasures of the deep sea cannot see the light unless unearthed!
So also, unrevealed dreams cannot provoke ideas to translate into realities!

Previously sword ruled, but now ideas rule the world of man;
Ideas are all for man with the mind yesterday, today and forever!
Without ideas nothing can be known, thought, said and done here!
So, dreams, ideas and realities are the trio that cannot be separated.

Artistic ideas are the causes behind the beautiful creations of arts!
Scientific ideas are the causes behind the inventions of new machines!
The fruits of labour enjoyed are due to the implementation of ideas,
Without which no dreams can be achieved in any field in the world.

Social realities differ from the constitutional rights of the people;
Conventions and politics restrict much social freedom to everyone;
Taboos delete the dreams of a bright future or the ideas of better world
That intelligentsia should deal wisely to make all dreams come true!

Reality reveals the fact that life is not a bed of roses for all in the world;
Sense of beauty, truth and goodness should guide to face realities of life;
Dreams, visions and good sense have to give hope to pull on the days;
And freedom, culture and love only can help society to dream of a better tomorrow!

Actually man lives two lives in this wonderful world!
One for his survival here and one for his dreams in life!
To fulfill his dreams man suffers in and enjoys life here!
For getting ideas he makes use of his transactions with others!

The source of ideas for great achievements man seeks the help of Nature
As Nature is the friend, philosopher and guide for artists and scientists.
Nature is also the living scientific art for everyone in the human world as
It is the model creation of God for man to follow in the ups and downs of life.