Disillusioned Illusion

a poem by Shyamprakash

I felt their calm length-
As gloomy mountain hairpins!
Sharp edge thrilled into-
Deep, velvet rainforest.
An old marble floor-with
Gazal-dripping goblets and maids.
A battle rained outside- lone!
All I heard, a soft breath murmur-
In glacier deserts
Igloo caves frozen
Over the small lamp and me
Only the flame trembled.
Once lone neighbours in air
Whispered (me) of their death
Their clouds hovered
But like shelter less nostalgia
Next, I was an escaped,
I ran and ran and ran-
They chased on to decapitate-
But never!
Once in a sugar cane field
We worked, and her voice
I couldn’t hear, but felt
Just only felt!
And we were on a road
She vanished, as I turned
To see only a leafs rustled!
An orphan smile hung on.
The train ran along steppes
A lone wind rippled over grass
But that vast sea-
I never felt.
Now suddenly,
In this desert of Mars-
My infinite loneliness!
I scream to change dream:
On a white desert-
A lone letter crawls
Try to catch- slips out- (quiverish hand)
And I scream on and on-
Never echoes in deserts!