Death – A true lover

a poem by Ekta Singh

Once, death fell in love with me
Persuading me
Towards it
I met her countless times
Within the four walls
Of my dark room.
I mistook it for infatuation
Until this one day,
I found her, staring right into my eyes
When I was standing on the top of a skyscraper edge.

I never tried to run away from it
For it always maintained the distance.
Whenever we were together in a room
The air felt energised
With nothing, but love.

For many days, I didn’t see her.
Our ways didn’t cross
I went to look out for her.
From every quiet street
To dense forest,
I didn’t miss a place for it to hide.

I missed her absence.

Once, I was standing on the sea shore
Looking beyond.
My lover caught me
Staring right into her eyes.
I nervously chuckled. She blushed.
Knowing the rhythm of my thoughts.

I knew that nothing can do us apart.
Though my soul will make
Its way to eternity, death will
Never disappoint me
For it’ll meet me
In every
My every life.