a poem by Abhijit

Searching for an Icon
On the Desktop of my Heart

I established a Connection
Just to make it Fast

Searched using a Search Engine
Even Logged on to a Messenger

But realized, Love is Not Found
On an Engine or on a Messenger

I sent an eMail
To a known female

Her Server did Respond
‘Connection Established’, it did Prompt

I got a Dedicated Line
As she said ‘You Are Mine’

We started Sharing all that we thought
And opened a ‘Discussion Board’ for our thoughts

She showed me the Sun
Thorough the Window of love

An Angel in CyberSpace
Who has an ever-smiling face

Network Neighborhood, I no longer need
Thoughts, Talks! Emotions! Feelings is all that I Feed

Our love for each other is an Infinite Loop.

I have Saved her in my Heart
Who can never be Deleted
Even if I Format

Alt+F4 for now