Mango Season

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Mango season, for us, is a celebration
Our eyes are on enthusiastic elation
In sunlight, they shine in golden green
We, the children gather to witness the scene
Though we have our mangroves
Neighbor’s is tastier; reason none knows
As throwing stones at them prohibited
And plucking these get us exhibited
We wait for some good crow or parrot
To push one for us as though some merit
Bird-pecked mangoes seem tastier
‘They’re God’s graces’, some whisper
When one eats others seem to salivate
To bite the bitten one, for our turn we wait

Stealing mangoes is a childhood fun
The owner’s dog chases us and we run
The owner joins his dog and leaps
Though within him childhood peeps
Mangoes hundreds we may have at home
Yet, each stolen one is a diamond dome
Once the season goes we get gloomily shut
Like the squirrel that loses the mango-nut
Our dreams we cherish golden mangoes
Sucking them merrily we dance tangos
Though not thieves, we do good stealing
Guavas and mangoes with no guilt feeling
If you too have been doing so do tell us
If what we have done is sin, kindly forgive us