a poem by Jyoti Phirani

You will say it is a late reaction,
Its not late but a long reaction,
Without much exaggeration
And no circumlocution,
I will mention,
My observation,
Based on our last discussion,

You were commenting on my reiteration,
Of coming to Vidyamandir’s possessions,
That after a year, I will be busy in my profession,
And will leave coming to VM without realization,
But here I want to remove your confusion,
And want to take you out of your apprehension,
That till my life is in my body’s occupation,
You will have to bear all my arbitrations,
For this I don’t need anyone’s approbation,
And if you will say this again, and will not pay attention,
Then I will come with more frequent successions. (fº)

I know your conclusion,
Was not the result of vacillation,
That I will no more meet you after the year’s finalization,
But is the breath of relaxation,
That you will not have to meet me for a second’s fraction,
But I am sorry you will not have an option,
And will always have this perturbation,
I will never be a part of your retrospection,
Till I am alive and in world’s connection,
It is selfish but gives me jubilation,
And PYARE BHAIYA this is just for your information,
In this matter I am not seeking any suggestion,
And merely want YOUR elucidation,
With respect to above said misconception.