Narrow down!

a poem by Mayank Mohan Pande

‘O’ Lord when will I realize?
That I must seek only according to my size.
Yet again you guide that compartments to knowledge there are none,
All doubts have to be cleared one by one.
However since in life we have only one span,
One must first prioritize from all that he can.
Strengthening continuously the structure on which all applications stand,
And wisely at a time research answers in a narrow band.
If in assigned areas we have to contribute,
The giants of the past we have to salute,
And to the progeny of man pass on greater opportunities to earn tribute.
Much, though much less than all, we can in one lifetime achieve,
Humility we have to learn and our vanity leave.
Start from the simplest and climb to the little complex,
We must not break our heads just our intellectual muscles flex.
Pursue health and peace for all.
And not let our basket overladen with eggs fall.