Poems by
Zaheen Qureshi

Conflicts on Human Emotions

a poem by Zaheen Qureshi

Yesterday afternoon I asked a lady,
A simple question
What is rage?
Her pupils dilated, her mouth trembled
She said I don’t know (oh she doesn’t)
And you too shouldn’t.
Girls shouldn’t have rage in their fragile bodies.

But I think she is wrong
Cause I have seen rage
It was flowing outside of my father’s body
And one day it was tearing out of a passerby
One day the sky was screaming (break, break, break)
One day it was inside a silent mind.

Lady, rage was never meant to be inside our bodies
It was meant to tear apart our skin and come out like lava.
It was never meant to be known.
It was Always meant to be devoured.

I think I know what is rage.