Poems by
Yogesh Kochhar

YoL at Dharamsala

a poem by Yogesh Kochhar

Here’s a longing and my muse is special…
Keep guessing…

I watch in amazement ‘n’ wonder as these play a concert ‘n’ gala!!
Welcome home, I am at Dharamsala!!
These are stout
These are shy
Some are lazy
Most just fly!

Some alone flirt
Most in concert

Some careless
A little one endures
Some the winds lift
Some it reassures

Some my private screen
And my images that I conjure
Some balls of wool
Thru’ the pines as they cool
Some adrift
Some afloat
Nimbus of Muslin
Some aloof
Some aloft!!

Some march!
Around the rainbow arch!!

The sky their canvas
Their twill soaked in sun
The hues ‘n’ shades ‘n’ colors begun!

The heavens celebrate
The rain inebriates
The dance of the nature
As my soul levitates!

My fantasies soar
As I pine for my friend
I pray
I blink
I ache
I tend!

With me, a little time will she spend?