Poems by
Vineesh Mathew

Spiritual Land

a poem by Vineesh Mathew

When I climbed on the top of the mountain tree
to grasp the mystifying glory of my Sweetheart,
she encircles me with her magnetic affection.

Sweet melodies from her led me to the mountain streams,
where I witnessed the unity of an ant colony passing through the dry twigs.
And it entranced me to flow with my partner beyond the fence.

The hunters’ sharp and spiteful eyes trespassed
through the morning silence, when I was riding with my chum.

I lay down on the mountain stones
melting in the rhythm of the Universe and blending with it.
And the wisdom, emerging from her fabulous cliff,
allured my senses and prompted me to voyage parallel to a caterpillar.

Billions of lovable words rise and fly like migratory birds.
Those liberated the captive ripples in the deep ocean.

From the mountain throne, I thankfully observed
my pathways, which I shared with my companion.
And it was the catalyst to illuminate my mind with sacrifice.

When I nestled with my Sweetheart,
the first drops of spring dazzled to touch her squashy tummy.
She offered her virginity and womb to spruce up the sprouts
that spread into a net woven with my rays.

When the West calls me, the little stars twinkle in her chubby cheeks,
and the moon comes to trick them in dissimilar costumes.

The hunters crumbled the little fireflies’ habitats into tiny pieces.