Poems by
Vinay Vashisth

Like Politics

a poem by Vinay Vashisth

Amongst Campaigning of guys
Holding their promises
To serve you better
Manifesto was made

Shouting loud
In streets and bars
To gain your attention
Offers were made

Each guy, like a Politician
Promised the impossible
Wanting to take some of your years
Cartel was formed

As I walked down the lane
Not belonging to big Political houses
Like an independent Candidate
Unnoticed, unobserved

Like EVMs, touch us
They said
Once chosen
You would never be confused again
They confessed

Spending money
Making you eat at hotels
Don’t you know
You will be charged later

Candidates were many
Many were their pamphlets
Lying on the roads

Captured were smiles
Somewhat like booth capturing
Promising to change your life
Somewhat like electoral reforms

I know you will vote for your favourite
But on a holiday
When you have time for us
So we have time for you

Wearing fancy clothes
In saffron and white
All queue up
On Instagram and Facebook
Checking each day
If you chosen them
Like election results

Like politics
There will be ONE Candidate
I know
But will the elections end

After few years
When the seat gets corrupt
When you know the ulterior motives of those chosen
I, again, like an individual candidate
Will file my Nomination