Poems by
Vikram Pratap

What’s Love?

a poem by Vikram Pratap

Love just a feeling?
Or merely an illusion?

Love a path to soul searching?
Or merely a customary obligation of reproduction?

Love an attraction of opposite poles?
Or there lies some inborn connection?

But one day he found something quite unusual,
Same pole attracting each other…

But one day he found it doesn’t fall
in line of natural cycle of reproduction.

But one day he found his ward is not
what he/she has supposed to be, he/she really is…

And it is not so easy to even comment
on this critical situation?

How could he/she do this?
He angered at their decision of mate selection?

Is it right or wrong to act and love who you really love?
Is it wise or foolishness to turn into completely different?

Is it excess of freedom to behave in that way?
Is it justified to become Gay or lesbian?

He asked!
He shouted!

He cried!
He feared what the society will think of them…

He thought
and thought

and thought
again and again.

But at the end of day,
They are still his children…

But at the end of day,
it’s all their decision…

But at the end of day,
it’s all about loving deeply someone…

But at the end of the day,
Love is not to be confined in
certain fixed boundary and definition…
And then he smiled and respected his/her decision.