Poems by
Vijai Pant

Valentine Experience

a poem by Vijai Pant

It’s again that time of the year
When words bandied are
‘Love’, ‘Romance’ and ‘My Dear’
And question popped is,
‘Will you be my Valentine’?

No, no nothing wrong in it
That’s fine
But to find ‘genuine’ love
And not to be scoffed
Take advice from me
I assure you, no consultation fee
Both of you may think
‘We are made for each other’
But just look around brother
Are you the only one?

See the fun
Everyone’s under the same impression
So, in case of incompatibility
Rid yourself quickly
Give her up for good
And don’t say, ‘If only I could’
If you follow this
You’ll be in ‘permanent’ bliss
Keeping yourself out of harm’s way

For example, let’s say
The snorting father
And the charging mother
If you be both judicious and bold
You are sure to hold
Your own
Her skin
As well as your bone
See your partner oozes love
Addresses you as
‘My Dove’
Remains with you
Through thick and thin
Beyond the Valentine din

And before I close
Do you have any further questions to pose?
I know what’s passing in your mind
You want to find
Whether it’s my ‘Valentine Experience’ which speaks
If it is this
Which you seek
Well, only the wearer knows
Where the shoe pinches
So the matter, that clinches
If for someone’s love
You too pine
You may also come up
With such expressive lines