Poems by
Vedant Kowale


a poem by Vedant Kowale

Breathe, now I have found you,
There’s no one else you need to find.
I’m yours till eternity,
Let anything come in between.
Smile, it looks the prettiest on you,
Will do anything to just have it on your face.

Cheer, now I am here,
There’s no one else you need.
Dance, now you are valued,
Your efforts won’t go in vain.
Cry, with happiness,
Because that’s what all I need every day.
Sing, wholeheartedly because no one will judge you now,
Songs of love, nature and beauty.

Care, now I am here,
You will be cared.
Rise, I am there with you,
Your major supporter.
Melt, in my arms,
Some people are worth melting for.
Love, I am full of it for you,
No need to worry.
Fight, with me,
But only to show me that you love me.